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Details of the Organizational Governance Structure

The management of AGRAJATTRA consists of three types of committees. These are:

  • General Committee: Composed of donors and other members and possess the supreme authority. It forms Executive Committee through confidential voting system or on unanimous decision. It will have authority to dissolve Executive Committee if it fails to carry out the duties and responsibilities assigned on it.
  • Executive Committee: Consists of 7 (seven) members where President is the Head of the Committee. Among others four Secretaries and two Members form the committee. General Committee forms EC for a period of two years.
  • Advisory Committee: Consists of 5 (five) members taken from outside of the organization having high level of acceptance in the society. The duration this committee is for two years.
  • Director Board Committee: EC Committee forms /Appointment Director Board committee. This board Implementation & operation all project activities & operation.