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Sustainable and Responsible Action for Making Industries  (SRAMIC)


Overall objectives : To Promote inclusive and Sustainable economic growth through the realization of the decent work agenda in Bangladesh.

Specific objectives: To Enhance the Capacity of CSOs Including Trade Unions working in the garments, lather and tannery industries  to represent workers effectively , hold  Las and Business owners accountable to labour policies  and laws, and enhance the existing legal framework.

Target Beneficiary:

Our direct beneficiaries are the RMG women workers 3000 (STU,LTU, PC, PR Leader, RMG  Worker) and on the other hand, 113000 RMG co- workers are our indirect beneficiary RMG sector , family & Community(Sep’18).


Activity :

the project is to enhance the capacity of CSOs including trade unions working in the garment, leather and tannery industries to represent workers effectively, hold LA and business owners accountable to labour policies and laws, and enhance the existing legal framework. The action will target Agrajattra  57 CSOs; 03 Sectoral Trade Unions representing workers in the garment, tannery and leather plants at Chittagong level, 16 local trade unions working with specific factories, 40 Participation Committees, and 05 Worker Cafes. An intensive programme of training ToT,Cascade, mentoring and other support will result in more effective Trade Unions and other representative structures, with better leadership and democratic management structures that are sustainable and financially viable and able to provide a range of services to support their members. Approximately Agrajattra 133,000 workers will be reached through awareness raising and training. Within the 42 months (November 2016-April 2019) of the project duration, the action aims to increase the membership of trade unions and Worker Cafes, and increase the number of cases of disputes taken up on behalf of their members by TUs and Participation Committees, as well as the number of positive actions taken by business owners in target factories to improve working conditions. Campaigning and advocacy will work to ensure that the Government of Bangladesh fully implements the 2006 Labour Law and business owners are fully compliant with its provisions.


  • 13 trainers from 03 Sectoral Trade Unions able to train on all aspects of organizational capacity & also Sectoral Trade Union leaders trained as trainers on all aspects of labour rights and skills such as negotiation, dispute resolution, collective bargaining and advocacy.


  • 33 local Trade Union leaders and 37 women leaders trained on all aspects of organizational capacity & also local Trade Union leaders, 13 PC members and 1325 women peer leaders trained on all aspects of labour rights and skills such as negotiation, dispute resolution, collective bargaining and advocacy.(June’18)
  • 113 members of Participation Committees trained as above.(June’18)
  • 05 Worker Cafés with strengthened organizational structures
  • 111 women trained in basic leadership and life skills
  • 27 women trained in advanced leadership skills (Octo’18)
  • 13 existing Participation Committees at factory sites have greater capacity to support workers and have robust internal governance processes in place.
  • 03 new Participation Committees set up with robust internal governance processes in place.
  • Increased organisational capacity of the Worker Safety Forum and a campaign strategy developed
  • Young Leaders Forum established
  • Worker Safety Forum Advocacy working group established
  • Communication plan developed for advocacy and campaigning activities


Name of Master  & Standard café at Chittagong :

AGRAJATTRA Operating following women cafés in slum areas of Chittagong City corporation : 

  1. Mohammad Nagar (Baizid Thana) Women Café
  2. Kalurghat Basic (Chandgaon) Women Café
  3. Bow bazar (Bakolia Thana) Women café
  4. Moonsurabad (Double Mooring Thana) Women Café
  5. Baropool (Halishara) Women Café
  6. Muradpur (Panchlish Thana) Women Café
  7. Kotwali Women Café
  8. CEPZ Women Café

Documentary Shows during Training Session at Master & Standard café :

  • Documentary on RMG workers’ rights Tele film – “Sui Suter Galpo”.
  • Documentary on Fire Safety on Management initiatives & prevention.
  • Documentary on ILO fire safety training.
  • Documentary on Fire safety for Workers awareness development.
  • Documentary on fire fighting on different types of Fire Extinguisher
  • Documentary on RMG workers Gender Equality.
  • Documentary on RMG workers Equal rights at Work
  • Documentary on RMG workers a place for everyone.
  • Documentary on RMG workers’ rights – Garments Kanna.