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Emergency Humanitarian Support to Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals – FDMN’s in Bangladesh.


Camp : 09, 10, 14, 16, 19, 20, 20 Ext. & 23 and Host community.




Last 15 years AGRAJATTRA working at Cox’sbazar dist’s for host community people specially HTR areas as well as also responding Rohingya refugee Influx since 25 Aug 2017 at several camps. Emergency Humanitarian Support to Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh project is yet being implemented at Camp no. Kutupalong Ext. 9, 10, 14, 16, 19, 20 Ext, 23 and surrounding host community people with several programs. Details of our activities are given below :


A.1 : Emergency Food bags, Ramadan foods PROGRAM, Hygiene Kits, Dignity Kits, NFI kits {Solar Lantern, Cook Stoves + Rice Husk, Utensils, PE Foam (Heat & Cold resistance thermal foam), Aluminum Safe Box, Umbrella, Women, Men & Child cloths, Mats}, Emergency flooring tiles etc.


B.1 : Hygiene promotion training & Distributed Aqua TABs (Water Purification Tabs) at HH & camp level.
B.2 : ESTABLISH WASH facilities (Hygiene Latrines & bathing Cubes)
B.3 : Pure Drinking Water supplied through Water trucking (8000 Li/Daily)
B.4 : Installation of DEEP and Shallow Tube wells
B.5 : ESTABLISHED Water Supply networking & supplying  pure drinking water (40,000 Lit / Day) at TOP of the HILLS.

Shelter/NFI :

C.1 : Provide training to Rohingya labors/Maji’s on durable shelter construction (Transitional) since Nov 2017.
C.2 : Provided ESK (Emergency Shelter Kits)
C.3 : Provided USK (Upgrading Shelter Kits)
C.4 : Provided Complete Model Shelters (Planned Community) with provision of others essential needs like. Keeping free space in between two shelters, Provision for drainage, Bathing facilities, Hygiene Toilets, Water Supply, CFS, Learning centers, Proper Walk way (06 Fits wide), Provided NFI kits (Cooking Stoves, CRH, Solar lantern, PE Foam, Bed sheets, Cloths) Etc at Camp 14 (Block 15).

C.5 : Cash for work : Used trained labors for durable model shelters and paid them CFW and others.

C.6 : Relocated most vulnerable Rohingya peoples from Slope of Hills.

C.7 : Flooring Tiles for each Shelters to protect Heat, Cold and insect Resistance inside the tent etc.    

Site Development & Environment :

D.1 : Slope biological protection work by Jute bags, Jute Matt’s, Bamboo facing
D.2 : Site improvement work (Foot paths, Stairs) etc
D.3 : Tree & Vertiver Plantation
D.4 : Waste management (Community Waste Bin, Mass Awareness through Pastoon, Banner, Massage in Myanmar Language at Camps)
D.5 : Cash for work : Used Rohingya labors through CFW for above Site development work.

Primary Health care Center : Our 02 Primary Health care service centers where served appo. 30,000 Rohingya’s since Oct 2017.

CFS (Child Friendly Space) & Learning center : Our Colorful Child friendly Space (CFS)’s cum learning centers having 800 Rohingya Children/Students at different above camps with support of Different valued donors. Forcibly displaced Myanmar nationals – FDMN’s Children are getting Non formal education, play time & much need psycho social support in above CFS & Learning centers.

Adolescent Hub & Psycho social support centres : AGRAJATTRA focuses on building the individual and collective resilience of Rohingya children and adolescent refugees through tackling the stigma surrounding mental health and improving the prevention of VAW/G for adolescent Rohingya girls through changes in behavior, power distribution, and individual and collective capacity.

Self reliance Program: Agrajattra conducted research work collaboration with The RET International – Switzerland on Self reliance & Livelihood Program for Forcibly displaced Myanmar nationals – FDMN’s (Rohingya refugees) & Host Community People also working on Market survey analysis for Food security Sector regularly.

Primary Health care Centers :

Goal : To Provide Primary health support and referral service through set up Medical Camp / team and Vaccination program among Rohingya Refugee.

Agrajattra lunched two medical camps since 05 Oct 2017 at Balukhali MS and Hakimpara, Thainkhail. Two medical team are working there along with 6 team member. The following service are providing by the Agrajattra health camp :  

  • Doctors prescription
  • Free medicine supply
  • Anti Natal Checkup(ANC)
  • Post Netal Check up(PNC)
  • Referral
  • Counseling
  • Hygiene promotion Awareness at Community level

AGRAJATTRA Health Facilities : Agrajattra are providing health service in consisting five members of medical team covering MBBS, Paramedics, Nurse, and Health worker. This is the approved by Civil Surgeon and advised by Deputy Commissioner of Cox’sBazar. This team is providing health service six days in a week in Balukhali, Thaingkhali-Hakimpara under Ukhia Upazila. Each and every day around 150 patients receiving the health service and as well as free medicine from Agrajattra camp. A total 5200 people mainly female & child received health service and free medicine from Agrajattra health camp on skin diseases, diarrhea, discentry, and minor injury. Agrajattra medical team working with UNHCR team to assist delivery case of Rohingya Refugees as giving post care.

Primary health service : Appo. 5200 Rohingya Refugees already received health service from Agrajattra health camp on Skin disease, diaries, fever, minor injury etc.

Referral & Linkage Service : Our Health camp team providing referral & linkage service to others service providers or Gov’t hospital.

Handling Delivery Case : Agrajattra Medical Team working closely with UNHCR team to asst. delivery Case of Rohingya Refugees as giving post care.

Hygiene promotion Awareness : Having trained female health promoters of Agrajattra conducting session on different issues related to personal health, hygiene of women & child in Balukhali, Hakimpara, Thaingkhali camp everyday and its continuing.

Distributing Halogen tab : 50000 Halogen tab distributed among 2000 families for water purifying covering around 6000 people and tablet distribution are continuing.

Family planning related activities: Health worker of Agrajattra are visiting individual households and advising women & men on family planning issues and providing service.

Low cost Ambulance service : Agrajattra going to lunch 03 low cost Ambulance service at Balukhali, Hakimpara & Moinergona refugee camps as well as for host community people of Ukiya & Technaf upazila.

Coordination :

AGRAJATTRA maintained meaningfully for effective communication & coordination with different stakeholders i.e. GOB, RRRC, CIC (Camp In charge), Different Clusters, UN Agencies, Inter Sector Coordination Group (ISCG)..