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Empowering Women workers (RMG) in the industry project of Bangladesh

Goal: RMG workers, especially women are empowered to claim their rights. Particularly vulnerable groups, i.e. textile and garment workers, especially women, have increased their capacity to exercise their rights.


Purpose: To improve the working conditions of workers, especially women in RMG, TEXTILES production industries in Bangladesh.


Target Beneficiary : We have been concentrating in women empowerment for RMG sector since 2005 since to present and in this journey Oxfam GB, GIZ, UNIDO, Maxwell Stamp UK / Action AID Bangladesh, CARE Bangladesh, Action Aid UK, European Union (EU) have been marching with us to endeavor avail this target by setting up an accountable mechanism.


Our direct beneficiaries are the RMG women workers and we used to made a half yearly census in every year, through this process we notice that we have covered up 59.9 k RMG workers who are our direct beneficiary and on the other hand, 2.99 lacs RMG workers are our indirect beneficiary.


Activity:  As Oxfam GB, GIZ, UNIDO, Maxwell Stamp UK / Action AID Bangladesh, CARE Bangladesh, Action Aid UK, European Union (EU) have been with us since 2005 in this endeavor so we specified our tools & mechanism to sustain our RMG workers project. Our basic programs are Women Cafe and cafe based activation tools Non-Class and Cascade Training Methodologies. At the very beginning we addressed RMG workers’ fundamental bargaining issues and then we fabricate some effective training modules (Rights, Good Governance Facilitation & Negotiation and Financial Management) for themselves which would enhance their power to construct their rights to survive. We promote them up to raise their voice relevant to their rights through our non-class and cascade training platform and create the leaders who will be rolling up as a mentor to move forward to avail their own rights.


Our prime motto is to deliver this massage to all over RMG women workers that you’re not alone, Agrajattra with you to promote your basic rights inside your factory and we are reshaping a sustainable strong working platform where we aggregate all the stakeholders in this context like the garment entrepreneurs, the workers, the trade unions or labor federations and all. Basically we do work as a trusted pressure group on behalf of our RMG women workers to redecorate their dreams and implementation so that they may be capable to taste the flavor of life as a human being.


Name of the projects implemented & Current Activities on

Women Empowerment, Leadership Development :

  • Women Leadership development in RMG sector – OXFAM GB (2005 – 2010),
  • Empowering women workers for leadership development – GIZ BD, PROGRESS (2007 -12),
  • Early Childhood development support program by Day care Centre setup in the RMG industries.
  • Women in Development training for female workers in Shrimp processing factories – By UNIDO (2009 -2012),
  • Empowering women workers for leadership development & awareness program – Maxwell Stamp UK / Action AID Bangladesh.
  • Empowering Women RMG Workers Project in Bangladesh – GIZ PESE 01 (2012 – 2015)
  • Empowering Women workers (RMG, TEXTILES) in the industry project of Bangladesh – GIZ/BMZ – PSES 02 (2015 -2017).
  • “OIKKO – United for translating rights into action NOW” – Women Workers Leadership development & Strengthen Civil Society project support by CARE BANGLADESH/EU. Duration: 2015 – 2017.
  • Sustainable and Responsible Actions for Making Industries Care (SRAMIC) in 05 Metropolitan Thana of Chittagong City – Action aid UK / European Union.
  • “Women’s Café” Promotion of Social Dialogue in the industry.

       {The Promotion of Social and Environmental Standards in the Industry (PSES- III  

         Project}  (December 2017-November-2018).


Outcomes :

  • Workers, especially women, have a comprehensive understanding of Bangladesh Labour Law and occupational health and safety.
  • Workers, especially women, have a collective voice in the form of a functional participation committee and are able to effectively mediate conflict between management and worker.
  • RMG factory owners and management understand the benefits of compliance and are aware of the importance of a gender friendly workplace.
  • Workers, especially women, have access to legal aid services, and are able to resolve and negotiate conflict with management.
  • Local Trade Unions and Local Labor Federations are being strengthen through these processes and women leaders are being created to take up the challenges related to their fields.


Name of Master  & Standard café at Chittagong :

  • AGRAJATTRA Operating following women cafés in slum areas of Chittagong City corporation :
  1. Mohammad Nagar (Baizid Thana) Women Café
  2. Kalurghat Basic (Chandgaon) Women Café
  3. Bow bazar (Bakolia Thana) Women café
  4. Moonsurabad (Double Mooring Thana) Women Café
  5. Baropool (Halishara) Women Café
  6. Muradpur (Panchlish Thana) Women Café
  7. Kotwali Women Café
  8. CEPZ Women Café




Documentary Shows during Training Session at Master & Standard café :

  • Documentary on RMG workers’ rights Tele film – “Sui Suter Galpo”.
  • Documentary on Fire Safety on Management initiatives & prevention.
  • Documentary on ILO fire safety training.
  • Documentary on Fire safety for Workers awareness development.
  • Documentary on fire fighting on different types of Fire Extinguisher
  • Documentary on RMG workers Gender Equality.
  • Documentary on RMG workers Equal rights at Work
  • Documentary on RMG workers a place for everyone.
  • Documentary on RMG workers’ rights – Garments Kanna.


Training information

Agrajattra facilitators use GIZ-PESE provided training flip Chart and brief booklet on 10 core elements of Labor Law 2006 and its addition 2013, 2015, ILO standards, OSH & Fire safety etc Specifically PEGs Leaders are given training on following subjects viz.

  1. Wage grade and overtime calculation
  2. Appointment letter, ID card, service book
  3. Working hours
  4. Timely payment of wage
  5. Maternity benefit calculation,
  6. Weekly holidays and leaves
  7. Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), welfare issues,
  8. Trade union and association, participation committee
  9. Child labor
  10. Discipline (misconducts according to labor law)
  11. Fire Safety
  12. Gender Equality etc.


PEG Super Leader Training Session & Meeting

Agrajattra organized training for the PEGs leaders of the Peer Educator Group. One PEG Leader of each PEG got three-five days training according to the training plan. Facilitators of Agrajattra conducted training PROGRAMME. Three hours/day and Three days Training for a batch on Bangladesh Labor Law 2006 was organized by AGRAJATTRA for the PEGs Leaders.

Outcomes :

  • There are 04 women Cafes now continue in Chittagong City Corp area.
  • We have trained 6000 Leaders as well as 60,000 Garments workers (Members safety) on key elements of Labor Law 2006 and its addition 2013, 2015, ILO standards, OSH & Fire etc.
  • Established 70 PC (Participatory Committee) in 70 RMG
  • Training provided 120 nos. of mid-level management staffs on Social Compliance among readymade garments industries.
  • Resolved Many (Appo 1200) disputes between Worker & Factory owner.
  • Skilled Workers problems solving techniques.
  • Women Workers have made aware of the safety Net facilities.
  • Women workers have been made aware of their legal rights.
  • Factory owners have sensitized to women worker rights.